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Student Council 2015/2016 Swearing

Lead others Wisely

The Miathene Boys was commissioning the 2015/2016 student council on 08/11/2015. Some of teaching members present: Mr. Muthomi Isaiah (Deputy Principal), Mr. Laikanya (Members of BOM and a teacher), Mr. Muchui (Member of Discipline Committee), Mr. Kaliku (Member of Discipline Committee), Mr. Kaiser (Ass. Director of Studies), Mr. Nkarichia Morris (Games Master), Ms Kamau (Member of Discipline Committee).

The principal stated clearly on the expectation of the incoming body that they should feel strengthened and empowered. He also reiterated that each one had the responsibility of supporting one another in delivering of the services.
He reminded them of the kind of tough challenges ahead of them and hence they should volunteer and feel supported. He promised them the full support of the administration.
"Those people who are in charge of various units either small or big should work extra hard to improve learning activities since it can’t take place in a dirty environment. This can only be done if each one of us cooperate and have one goal," he added.

The principal was accompanied by a number of teaching staff. Staff members expressed their congratulatory messages to the council for the landslide win against their opponents in the election that ended a day before. They also told them that they are the bridging gap between the Administration and the student fraternity. "You should act as a bridge between the office and the students body, reporting various issues for effective attention and correction," one of staff member advised.

It also came out that disobedience of anyone will not be tolerated as done before. This is intolerable and highly punishable including one’s post. "Obey the rules, else it will turn against you," one staff member said.

The oath was taken in presence of School Champlain, Rev. Mutwiri. He commissioned them to their duties and alerted them that they have to abide by the oath in delivering their services and functions within their areas of jurisdiction.

"Wish you well in the elected post and deliver to all with no fear, favour, ill-will. God bless you."