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The members have seen the sciences rise in mean grade gradually due to their dedication and team work. There is a lot of emphasizes on the practical's which are done every evening on Mondays, Wednesday and Saturdays. However, continuity is sometimes affected since half of the teachers are on B.O.M terms and usually exit when they get greener pastures.

The science department has the following members:-

  1. Mr. Nkarichia - Biology/Chemistry (HOD Biology)
  2. Mrs. Mbaine - Chemistry (HOD Chemistry)
  3. Mrs. Mutuma - Physics (HOD Physics)
  4. Mr. Kithinji - Physics
  5. Miss. Wanyonyi - Physics
  6. Mr. Mwenda - Lab Technician
  7. Mr. Nkunja - Lab Technician

In conclusion, we wish to thank God a we pray He will see us succeed in the coming years.
Thank you.

God Bless Miathene Boys High School.