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Greetings in the name of ourLord an Saviour Jesus Christ.

I start by thanking the Almighty God for the far He has brought us. Secondly I congratulate all the candidates who sat the KCSE exam last year for attaining a mean of 8.89. This achievement has been realized because of the team work spirit that is found in the school. I sincerely thank the principal, teachers, non-teaching staff and all stakeholders for the support they gave to those candidates.

Miathene Boys is one of the schools that are sponsored by the Methodist Church of Kenya. The sponsor expects the chaplain stationed at the school to offer the following to students, teachers, non teaching staff and the entire community:

  • Planning a collective form of worship
  • A means of promoting the presence of God in the school
  • Developing the sense of liturgy - one that is modern and relevant to the lives of the students.
  • An agent of creating good links with the sponsor.
  • Being the bridge between the school and the sponsor.
  • An oversight to take care and nurture of the whole school community.
  • Offering support for spiritual and moral development of the school.
  • Offering an opportunity to meet the different needs of students at different stages of development.

Lastly let me hope and trust that this year the Lord God will help us to achieve more.

Thank you
God Bless Miathene Boys High School.