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..... (HOD)

Mathematics is a compulsory subject in all Kenyan secondary schools. It is the most interesting subject that of late becoming extremely especially Miathene Boys high school. Gone are the days when boys treated this subject with pre-alleged negative attitude that the subject is hard.

A major breakthrough in terms of subject performance was achieved in the year 2011 when the school registered a mean score of 7.5 up from 5.48 attained in the year 2012. These encouraging results were achieved out of deliberate campaign initiated by the entire school to demistify the subject. We would like to thank the administration and other departments for supporting us during this mathematics campaign. Boys from this time vowed to progressively improve on this mean score. In 2013, subject registered a mean score of 7.8.

To sustain this, sundry strategies have been registered by the department amongst them:-:

  • Introduction of mathematics hour after lunch three days in a week
  • Participating in intra and inter-school mathematics contest
  • Motivating high achievers in the school through various incentives.
  • Having mathematics awareness on Sundays
  • Strengthening mathematics club

Lastly, we wish to recognize the efforts of our teachers towards achieving these results. Key among others includes:

In conclusion, we wish to thank God a we pray He will see us succeed in the coming years.
Thank you.

God Bless Miathene Boys High School.