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Historical Background

Miathene Boys high school opened its doors on 17/2/1964 being a government aided Day Secondary School with the first bunch of young boys’ enrolment being 35 students under management of CCEA who later became M.C.K as the sponsor. At first the school shared its compound with the present Kanjalu Day primary school while its first structures made up of “Miarre” (palms trees) were situated at the present Kanjalu Boarding primary school ground. Later, the school moved to its present site.

The first BOG chair was Bishop Peter Amiraki while the first head teacher being Mr. Marangu. And the first head boy was Rev (Dr) Samwel Kobia presently serving with the judiciary Commission of Kenya. A first Cook and School Clerk were Mr. Joseph Akwalu “Kabusaa” and Fredrick Mburung’s respectively  who were liked by the school community.

School motto emerged as Achieve with Honour that leads our school to date. This school has continued to produce several people who are serving in different cadres within and outside Kenya.

The second class had an enrolment of 36 students who reported on 20th Feb 1965 with volunteer teachers (foreigners) with very few Africans. The second stream came into existence 1982 when the school received a grant to put up small offices and staffroom. Unfortunately this government grant was stopped and the school didn’t have any other structures apart from 4 classrooms, a lab, mabati Kitchen structure, 6 staff houses and a small generator room.

The school has 26 aces of land while presently school sits on a 30 acres of land awaiting issuance of a title deed by the GOK.
The school started performing so well in academics and discipline in the pioneer class after its first - 4 -year study. Significantly, Miathene shone so well in year 1969 in EACE exams and was placed position 2 in the then Eastern province. In the same year the school was inspected by the Ministry of Education and subsequently upgraded and placed to the then grade “A” status; despite the frequent shakeups and transfers of Head teachers during that time.

The school lacked too, Deputy Head teacher for so long only one Mr. Paul Kianji Thitwa worked as Ag. Deputy Head for many years and headed of science department in the school.

During the years that followed many young men liked joining the school due to its status and glory for being a pioneer school in Tigania and its performance. Good performance and discipline continued well despite the students riots in the late 1970’s and early 1980s when the school started to lack essential amenities such as water, electricity and essential structures like other schools of its kind. The water was sourced from water pump situated away from school that has been unreliable.

In the year 1997 the BOG. came up with a proposal and came up with a  5- year physical development plan amounting to Ksh 1.5m analyzed as follows:

    B.O.M 5 Year Proposal
  • 25 staff homes @ 37.5m
  • 2 Dorms @ 7.0m
  • 2 computer labs @ 1.5m
  • A library and books @ 5m
  • Administration block @ 6m
  • Science labs @ 1.5m
  • Chapel @ 3.0m
  • Swimming pool @ 3.0m
  • Assembly hall @ 5.0m


    It was planned to seek sponsor(s) and parents contribution to raise this money. An Harambee presided over by Hon Saitoti in the year 2007 was initiated to raise some amount that could be used to set up essential structures. This money helped a lot in some parts. An earlier harambee was held in early 1990s but helped very little.

    The school has benefited from CDF and Economic Stimulus programmes recently which has helped to set up a Library (with no books) structure and one twin dormitory there were in dire need.

    The school became a 3-streained school way back in 2005/2006 but the ministry failed to send TSC. teachers and no classrooms forcing the school employ newly graduates from colleges/Universities. The same problem persists so hard. Many teachers from Miathene got promotions and transfers with no replacements as expected. This made the school to use its meager resources to date. Grants to enable the school to pay support staff was abolished way back in 1991/92 hence burdening the parents to pay them hence no funds to develop this school. Mode of paying school fee has been so poor. Many students who completed form 4 left the school with huge balances and rarely settled by boys. The school anthem was prepared by the year 2005.

    School Anthem
    If you believe and I believe,
    and we together pray
    the glory of God shall come down
    and Miathene shall ever shine,
    ( and Miathene shall ever shine; and
    Miathene shall ever shine.......)x3 !

    Currently, the school has a population of over 900 boys. Through the school motto, it has made the school to realize its present status in academics and discipline looking forward even to do better. Many boys have joined public universities and other tertiary colleges through hardships as the school lacks several essential amenities.

    The Dorms/Houses stills exist in Miathene Boys as follows:-

    •  Nakuru dormitory
    •  Samburu dormitory
    •  Serenget dormitory
    •  Naivasha dormitory
    •  Tsavo dormitory (initiated in 1988/89 opened by Rev. (Dr) Sam Kobia in 1989 the first school captain)

    Miathene is trying to regain its past glory in relation to academics as the graphs portray an upward trend. The beauty of compound is witnessed today as the school was awarded a trophy on environment from District Education Board recently. Miathene was known for its beauty in past.

    PTA became actively participatory in the year 1982 in Miathene and the following have actively served as PTA chairpersons:

    P.T.A Chairpersons Name                 Year of service
    1. Mr. Harrison MAritho Kimui          1986-1989 (from Ntiba) - Class 4 (old system)
    2. Mr. Mungathia Henry             1990-1993 (from Miathene) - Form 4
    3. Mr. Kithinji Igweta       1994-1997 (from Miathene) - Form 2
    4. Mr. Edward Thiritu       1998-2001 (from Kianjai) - Form 4
    5. Mr. Mwilaria Ithaiba       2002-2005 (from Kitheo) - class 8 (old system)
    6. Bishop Daudi Kaibunga       2006-2009 9 (from Kianjai) - Class 6
    7. Madam Joaninah Karauki       2010- to-date. (from Kitheo) - Form 4

    The following were BOM ChairPersons since then:

    B.O.M Chairpersons
    1. Bishop Peter Amiraki     1965 - 1977
    2. Mr. Lyria Stephen          1978 - 1990
    3. Mr. Ntogaiti Ethagatha    1991-1996
    4. Mr. Titus Ibui Markyudah    1997 -2005 - an old boy
    5. Mr. Titus Ntunchiu   2006 to date   worked in science lab.

    List of Headships

    MR. MARANGU: 1964 - 1964
    MR. MBOOBUA 1965 - 1965
    MR. HOPKINS 1966- 1967
    MR. ANALD 1968 - 1969
    MR. NTORIBI 1970 - 1970
    MR. J.A. WACHIRA 1971 - 1972
    MR. MWITI S. 1973 - 1973
    MR. MAITHIMA S. 1974 - 1974
    MR. JOHN KAMUCHULU 1981- 1986
    MR. FRANCIS K. MWENDA 1986 - 1988
    MR. PAUL KIREMA NAITULI 1988 - 1989
    MR. JUSTUS GACHUI MAINGI 1999 - 2009
    MR. ELPHAS ALIVA 2009 - 2011