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Guidance is a process determining and providing for developmental needs of learners while counseling is a process which helps normal individuals to deal with or remove frustrations and obstacles that interfare with their daily lifes. While guidance is preventive, counseling is corrective.

The guidance and counseling of students is a vital component in the educational mission of the school. To achieve their best, students have to undergo strenoius activities in determination to achieve whi Honor. Due to this, frustruction s emanate s from home, school, peers ans other serial platforms tend to thwart their endevours.It is for this reason that the department works round the clork to meet the students academic, career, personal and spiritual needs. The department has trained and dedicated peer counselors that carry out both formal and informal counseling in ensuring that various interpersonal and intrapersonal problems among students are solves. The major call of the departmental stakeholders is to see it that both the mission and vision are realized through our motto: "A problem shared is half solved".

God Bless Miathene Boys High School.