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The curriculum department has been in existence since the inception of the school. Its current title i.e. Director of studies, was conceived in the year 2010 and was under the leadership of Mr. M'itha Thieuri Samuel (Currently the Principal-Twale Day School) and Miss. Penina Wanyonyi as the Deputy.

Upon Mr. M'itha's promotion as the schools' Deputy Principal in 2012, his deputy was mandated with the task of offering leadership in the department.

The main duties of the department include:

  • Supervision of teaching and learning
  • Organization, administration and evaluation of internal and external examinations
  • Timetabling
  • Career guidance and counseling


The department in conjunction with other departments and under the guidance of the school administration, with humility, celebrates the following achievements:

  1. Overall positive deviation of the school mean from 2007 to date(2014)
  2. Breaking the yoke of 5. Overall mean grade per subject performance to 6. and above
  3. Moving the school from 6. Mean grade through 7. And now 8. And above
  4. Minimizing C- and below performance to only 1 in 2014
  5. Moving the transition rate to university to 96.135% in 2014

God Bless Miathene Boys High School.