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Miathene boys has been termed as a 'sleeping giant' for a long time. This is due to a bright history it enjoys in terms of academic achievement. The school is on the path to reclaim its glory and get back to its roots.

As our able principal says, the giant has just opened its eyes. The attainment of a mean of 8.86 in the year 2014 K.C.S.E is an indicator to all that Miathene is actually a school to watch in future! Our dream presently is to get to a double digit mean score and compete for the best faculties in our universities with other giants up there. This we believe we can 'Achieve with honour'.

The office of the deputy principal believes that it is only with high level of discipline that good results can be obtained. For this reason, the office works with a committed discipline committee comprising of:

The principal is the patron of the group. The group works round the clock to ensure that discipline is installed and maintained in the school.
There is however not much since our boys have self-discipline.

Thank you
God Bless Miathene Boys High School.