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On behalf of the B.O.M members, I take this opportunity to congratulate the Principal, his team of very able team teachers and supportive staff for their hard work that has seen the school continue to progressively excel in both academic and co-curricular activities.

Last year the school achieved a mean score of 8.864, the highest ever since the introduction of 8-4-4 system emerging among the best schools in Meru County. This is the kind of performance that cannot be achieved in an indiscipline environment and I cannot forget to thank our boys for maintaining high level of discipline.

With continued collaboration of our good parents we can confidently say Miathene boys is just but the next giant not only within our county but nationally.

I also wish to thank my fellow B.O.M members for their tireless efforts in assisting the Principal on policy matters that have enabled him achieve the school’s targets on yearly basis.

And in this respect, I am confidently saying: “WATCH THIS SPACE”. We will continue to surprise you. Ofcourse in all this we thank God for His favours.

The following are also members of Board of Managers

  1. Mr. Jacob Kirari ___________Chairperson
  2. Mr. Kiringo M Eringo _______Secretary
  3. Dr. Bundi Karau
  4. Mr. Muthomi Thiankolu
  5. Mr. Timothy Mitheu Mutirithia
  6. Mr. Daniel Thiauru
  7. Mrs. Ann Ntoiti
  8. Mrs. Joanina Karauki
  9. Mr. Nkumbuku Geoffrey
  10. Rev. Henry Makimba
  11. Dr. Isaac Kaberia
  12. Mr. David Laikanya
  13. Students' President
  14. DEO Tigania West
  15. Prof. Geoffrey Muchiri
  16. Mr. Muthomi Isaiah
  17. MS. Gladys Karei Kianji